Picture of the Penetrator Prime Bi-Metal band saw blade

Penetrator Prime

  • Medium to difficult alloys
  • High production sawing
  • Single, bundle or nest


  • Powder metal tooth with hardness of 70 HRc
  • Highly positive rake angle curvilinear tooth


  • Fast cutting, wear resistant blade
  • Designed for production sawing


  • Moderate to difficult alloys on power saws for high production cutting with extended blade life

Penetrator 2

MetricPenetrator PrimeInch
270,9   307-660307-665307-67010.035
341,1  307-689307-739307-759307-7601-1/40.042
411,3 307-877307-879307-887307-893 1-1/20.050
541,6 307-901307-902307-903307-546 20.063
671,6307-911 307-913307-912   2-5/80.063



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