ASTRO 2013-V3 Vertical sawing machine


  Max work height 330 mm Max width to column 508 mm Band width capacity 3-27 mm


ASTRO 2614-V3 Vertical sawing machine

  Max work height 658 mm Max width to column 508 mm Band width capacity 3-27 mm


ASTRO 3613-V3 Vertical sawing machine


  Max work height 330 mm Max width to column 915 mm Band width capacity 3-27 mm


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DS-330SA General purpose sawing machine

Round 330 mm Rectangular 420 x 330H mm 45°R / 60ºR / 45°L


DS-300SA General purpose sawing machine

Round 310 mm Rectangular 350 x 300H mm 45°R / 60ºR / 45°L


General purpose cutting fluids

doall semi-synthetic cutting fluids

These coolants offer excellent protection for operator and environment. The demands on water-miscible metal working coolants are changing continuously because of production, environmental and operator safety requirements. DoALL’s semi-synthetic fluids optimize the benefits of synthetics and soluble oils in one fluid. These fluids contain mineral oil and performance enhancing chemical additives.   Range Kool-ALL 022… Continue reading


Grinding fluids

These fluids offer the highest level of cooling, best workplace visibility, and are formulated to minimize operator sensitivity. These fluids are low foaming which is ideal in high-pressure coolant systems and also offer good detergent properties for maintaining free cutting grinding wheels. These synthetic fluids offer a long sump life, are very easy to maintain… Continue reading



doall cutting fluids MQL

Minimal lubrication oils are formulated for use in applications were flood coolants are prohibited or not desired. These oils are used with a pneumatic applicator unit and produce “dry” chips because the oil is consumed totally in the cutting operation. These oils are ideal for most cutting, sawing, turning, tapping, drilling and milling operations when… Continue reading


Cutting oils

Cutting oils are blends of premium base oils and provide the highest degree of lubrication, longest tool life, and best surface finish of all metal working fluids. These oils provide long fluid life and have no rust issues associated with their use. Plus, these oils do not require dilution, have low to mild odour, and… Continue reading